Health Consultations

Dynamic Consultation

The Process: "We take out the guessing game"

1 At Dynamic Health our first step is collecting data. We use a Epigenetic Hair Scan, Health, Lifestyle and Food questionnaire and Pulse Analysis report to find the common areas that need support.

2A custom 90 day program will be formulated based on your results. Balancing your environment is the key to giving your body what it needs to thrive and prevent disease.

3 With this information we can have a custom formulated pharmaceutical grade supplement made for what you're missing. We teamed up with Pinpoint Scans who created the only custom supplement available based on your Epigenetics. Imagine 1 supplement, 1 serving a day, to cover all your deficiencies...

4 The other services we offer are designed to fast track your results so you can feel better, sooner.

What is Epigenetics?