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Beat your FATS A**

October 20, 2017

Losing weight can be very simple when you understand how to do it, and of course have the will power.Weight loss can also be extremely difficult if you don't know why your body is gaining fat in the first place.For the sake of keeping this blog very simple, the following image explains weight loss in its simplest form. How it works and we give you a challenge to follow for 18 days. For more support such as: What is considered a sugar?What are some foods I can substitute so I don't crash through the day?What else can I do during this challenge to amplify the weight-loss?Contact us @ Dynamic Health CoachingPlease call the number on our website, we look forward to answering your questions and hearing your testimonies. 

The Truth about Protein Powder

October 4, 2017

TRUTH about Protein Powders by Fabien Hronec Integrative Health Coach  •Will I bulk if I drink protein shakes? •How do I choose which brand? •What’s the point, can’t I just eat food instead? The TRUTH is protein is filled with amino acids which is one vital nutrient your body is looking for when you break down muscle. Giving your body what it needs, when it needs it,  is how you get the best results. This is actually true in every aspect of fueling your body. and I will cover that in another blog where we speak about timing your food for optimal results. Will I bulk if I drink protein shakes? No. You will not bulk if you use them correctly and buy a good quality powder that is designed just for the protein intake. Meal replacements and weight gaining shakes have added calories which could cause weight gain “bulk”. How do I choose which brand? Quality, Quality, & Quality. Find one with less then 5 ingredients on the label. For whey concentrate...

8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating, Gas, Indigestion and Heartburn

September 15, 2017

Do you eat a meal and swell up?Do certain foods give you a nasty acid re-flux?Do you use antacids?Do your fart and burp on a regular basis?The main cause of these symptoms is usually poor digestion. I associate the stomach with a JACKHAMMER which breaks the food down so it can be absorbed in your small intestine. If your JACKHAMMER is weak you will not effectively break down your food which affects absorption in small intestine.Imagine your small intestine is a long tube which is divided into 6 inch increments. Every 6 inches is dedicated to 1 specific nutrient. For argument sake lets say the first 6 inches is Vitamin C. That means that 6 inches is only dedicated to absorbing Vitamin C. Every dedicated 6 inches is repeated in the intestines so you have two chances to absorb what you need, it's pretty amazing. Again your absorption is only as effective as your jackhammer is. Long Term Solution: Improve your JACKHAMMER. Increase you Hydrochloric Stomach Acid so you can break down...

Burn 600 Calories in 30 minutes LAYING DOWN!

September 7, 2017

​Yes it is true, you can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes laying down. Of course this is not the purpose of using the Infrared Dome but it is a pretty cool feature. I'll list some benefits at the end of this blog. A unique feature of this Infrared dome is the Jade Stones that line the mat. As the jade stones heat up you get the effect of a stone massage which helps relax tension in your back muscles (i think we can all use that). There are three pieces, two domes and the mat and each can be adjusted to different temperatures. This allows for very specific targeting. Benefits:Improve blood circulationStrengthen cardiovascular systemEase join paint & stiffnessBurn 600 calories in 30 minutesRelax muscles & increase flexibilityMay help with weight-lossReduce pain and fatigueDeep cleanses & purifies skinBook your session at Dynamic Health Coaching and take advantage of the current promotion. Buy 4 sessions and get 4 free! This gives you 8 sessions to use in a month for $260. With those...

WATER! How much should I drink?

July 27, 2017

SUMMER IS HOT!!! 90% of my clients results show cell hydration as a issue, well duh we live in Florida so we have to do the best we can.Chug 8 ounces of water whenever you get a chance or every two hours while standing. This helps regulate kidney function which is important for hydration.If you exercise get an extra 16 to 32 ounces to replace what you sweat out. "I drink two gallons a day people". Unless you work outside the majority of your day or are camel you're drinking too much water. And the reason is if you drink too much liquid this puts a strain on your kidney. Another negative is you can flush out good minerals form the body. If you feel like you need to drink that much water most likely you're not absorbing it. That is usually due to the lack of minerals that naturally comes in the water but is extracted during the purification proces. One solution is to put minerals back into your water by using a pinch of Himalayan pink salt or even better Dr.Ts Hydromate. When you do...

What should I eat?

July 19, 2017

Most of us have that inner kid who wants to chow down on chocolate every day! Of course we know that isn't the best option but that also brings up the question, "what should I be eating to best support my body?" This is a great question, unfortunately there is no simple answer because each persons health and environment varies. As part of your Dynamic Consultation we have equipment from a company called Cell-Wellbeing which has a scanner they call the S-Drive. It uses a lot of advanced and fancy science I won't bore you with, but I will attach some more information on it for those interested. We take 4-6 hairs out of the back of your head and scan the follicle of those hairs in the S-Drive, then send it off to the labs in Germany where a report is made and sent back to us without 20 minutes! This report shows what nutrients your body is missing and then recommends which foods to eat based on the nutrients considered. And like that you now have a shopping list of foods that will...